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I have more stamps in my collection but this speaks bout meh

Stamp: Caravan Palace by AraktugageAnti Hero Stamp by Dumuzi-oujiShut up about being pregnant by SoraRoyals77Preaching by Foxxie-ChanCancer Star Sign by Sookie by sookiesookerFlag: Georgia by TheStampKingBob stamp by kyra10987Don't Even by ForNeverAzureSometimes It's Just Too Much by DistantWandererFor the Wrong Reason... by DistantWandererDoesn't it Bother you? by DistantWandererBase edits stamp by AwesomeLurkerI Hate Crappy Base Artwork by arisutanBase edits Vs Freehand drawing by crimson-firefoxMah Chieldhud Iz Ruuinz! by FunnelVortexInsane fangirls by TheArtOfNotLikingYouCapt. Pronin stamp by StokerMartianUT For You Stamp by DarkwingFanVOCALOID stamp by Demirefive nights at freddy's stamp by kawaiicunt-stampsBiromantic Stamp by qnerdi ++ ADHD by dimruthien Mental Disorders... by snakeandladders ADHD by Weeniemann ADHD stamp by Nethrion ADHD by nfn678 IT'S EVERYWHERE D: by ChikitaWolf From a 'Rule-breaker': by ChikitaWolf Get Over Yourself, Righteous by ChikitaWolf Trevor Phillips (GTA 5) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Always tired... by prosaix horn love stamp by Delfim Monsters by DoctorFluffy I love spikes: Stamp by JazzaX Monster People Stamp by stahmps I like them biter by She-Shark Tentacle Stamp by She-Shark Dubstep Stamp by KineticKyote Drum and Bass Stamp by Meredies . . . -stamp by Sysirauta slugbox stamp by kawaiicunt-stamps I'm Fricking Fabulous by pjuk (Request) 500 internal errors suck by Stingrayzz Skype by plztikphishphood DeviantART stamp by Mel-Rosey Awkward by Fyi-Sus Be Inspired! Stamp by LibraK invalid by sailorgirl567 Comment Stalker Stamp by Drick96 Messages Stamp by WetWithRain Dirty Mind Stamp by WetWithRain Friends by AquaQueen27 Stamp: Without Internet by Silver-MoonNight Addiction Stamp by Drake1 Foxy Fan Button by ButtonsMaker I Don't care if you block me by SoraRoyals77 SC - Jin X Fuu Stamp by Immortalmirror Fuu Stamp 1 by ArthurT2015 Cooking with Dog Stamp by Landale SCP-811 fan by SCP-811Hatena Butts Stamp by SCP-811Hatena Thigh Gap Stamp by ilove-horses Lex and Scar 2 by Dragon-Star-Empress AVP Stamp by GAMEKRIBzombie All the Good Men Stamp by Neyjour Predator 2 Stamp by AlienVPredator Scar Stamp by Neyjour Predator Stamp by AlienVPredator Predator lover by Avalancha Predator STAMP by RaphaelaTheTurtel Robin Williams stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz Watermelon Love -stamp- by MsPastel Odd future Stamp by xLostRemedyx Stamp - We're NOT Brainwashed! by Skarkat Darkskin is beauitiful too. by Gypsy-Moon You dont need to be Ghetto... by Animegirl300 Shut up haters stamp by Screaming-Darkness Love to make OCs by raila I support you if... by AilwynRaydom Note Stamp by SoVeryUnofficial Stamp: Marriage Equality by TimeTravelerEon Despite all the drama in the community... by AwesomeLurker Bret The Hitman Hart Stamp (Titantron) by rockstarcrossing Bret The Hitman Hart Stamp 2 by rockstarcrossing Bret The Hitman Hart Stamp 1 by rockstarcrossing Bret The Hitman Hart Stamp (Return Of The Hitman) by rockstarcrossing

Mature Content

BumStamp by Llourn by butt-lovers-club
Stamp HIEI QUOTE by TheBulletAlchemist It's not my child anyways by DarknessTare Stitch Fan by i-stamp Aokiji Stamp by Kobatsu OP Troll Face Luffy stamp by MariaPereira Chopper Stamp by CamelieMimika Nami Stamp by CamelieMimika Sanji Stamp by CamelieMimika Usopp Stamp by CamelieMimika Roronoa Zoro Stamp by CamelieMimika Boobs stamp by magical-bra Don't Panic by i-stamp Request XII by paramoreSUCKS Blue Bikini (self) Bounce by GigiCatGirl

Mature Content

Boobs Are Good stamp by jessiesheram
Miku's Leek by aries95a Feedback stamp by AnaNoArt REQUEST: Opinions by MissGingerIce chrome user by sergbel My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27 Comment Request by TheLoveTrain Cupalicious by TheLoveTrain One hell of a butler -Stamp- Kuroshitsuji by Idellechi STAMP: deviantART is... by djRimzi Cow Stamp by Alex-MewMew For the Love of PANCAKES by lecairde :thumb455426033: Second language by Shantella Strongly dislike by DinowCookie Doge stamp by TrollcreaK Stamp - Cake Envy by onnawufei Rude when need to be. by World-Hero21 :thumb244332566: Heartbeat Fetish Stamp by da-fLy Nazi Gary Stamp by PoeProject Canis Canem Edit Stamp SE Edition Version 1 by Akemat-Lynn :thumb434436741: love dark-art stamp by wol4ica-stock Stamp - Don't Be HATING by Moony92 It's my art stamp by minas-stamps Art is Stamp by ultravioletbat Love Comments Stamp by Garetiem I still love PS2 Stamp__ by DarkShelke Stamp by Kataang-furuba Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompanther if you hate my art stamp by TribalTripleN no drama stamp by ScittyKitty Pro Choice by savagebinn Turn the Sound Off by savagebinn Just Charity by savagebinn Equality Everywhere by savagebinn They're My Children by savagebinn 'Go Green'- Go Childfree by savagebinn Please by savagebinn Don't Hide Us by savagebinn Com - SJW by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Sly Cooper Stamp by MeckelFoxStudio Sly 4 stamp~ The Ancestors by Seeraphine -Sly Cooper- Love for Penelope stamp by SnipsySnips Neyla Stamp by KaylaTheDragoness Favorite Characters Stamp by Stamp221 Porn and art by paramoreSUCKS it mocks me by ajCorza I Love Meat by FelisTipsy Wheat Is Murder by FelisTipsy Hey, Vegan... by FelisTipsy Meat lover by prosaix I love BBQ ribs stamp by AlexisGamer MMD stamp by Aira-Melody I support Madea by MissEye :thumb51216425: What happened to The cartoon by Ash-Dragon-wolf

Mature Content

Boobies stamp by Funeral-Of-Joy
I love pastels stamp by violetsteel Foam Guy Stamp by sparkycom Anti MagicalPockyUsagi Stamp by Apple-Rings ''Miku Formula'' My Arse by Mintaka-TK :thumb254819382: OC Love Stamp by rynoki I Support Loud Music Stamp by Sora05 Stamp- Depression by Dametora OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares Follow Me on Tumblr  - Stamp by JeanaWei I Heart Music by sirocco-rc Anti-Pregnancy Stamp by MoonLover Blame god by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Com - Haters by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Diego Armando_Fan Stamp by QueenOfSilence c: by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Sex Before Marriage by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Request - God by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Love/Hate by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Com - Commies by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Req - One Direction by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me American Stereotypes 2 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me AdvisoryContent Stampage by O-Uaglione I'm A Goodnight Groupie by PsychoSlaughterman Don't Like, Don't Look!  BS by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Com - Nazis by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeGIMME by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me Anne Hath... :C by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 XD Stamp by MimiMarieT I Love my watchers by SedmaShadow Stamp by CriWolfyGIVE ME YOUR POINTS V3 by angryannoyance

What goes in my mind



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Do you spend hours on art nobody looks at? 

26 deviants said Yes and I freaking hate it.
11 deviants said OFC.
6 deviants said Nope.


Journal Entry: Tue Sep 1, 2015, 4:42 PM
everything.... is just....... 

bad luck

what the fuck...

(that was a rhyme what the shit)

I may just be in some hiatus for a bit.. who knows... I really just need to focus on school

yes i rant and get angry about things.

so what.

everyone does once in their life... some people just wanna get shit off their chest

doesn't mean you don't have to read it.

if you read it and hate it then comment about how much you hate it indirectly.

then you clearly don't have anything productive to do with your life

come to georgia.... see the bullshit i deal with... I get people asking me to take pictures, do snapchats, instagram, kik, goddamn twitter, facebook and shit.... even people asking about my personal shit.. like who the fuck im dating..?

I'm not dating anyone... at least not that you know of..? why the fuck do you need to know? that's none of your damned business.

because you don't know what type of problems they have in real life.

if you're just doing this to get popular/attention....

it's sad + inaffective 

nobody has time for your BS

especially if they haven't done shit to you.

lol i can assure you... 

i've seen the tumblr blog.

some of the shit is kinda funny..

calling me crack and bs like that..?

isn't funny..

and i know it's annoying that i'm formatting my crap like this but deal with it.

also... if you're worried about me and what im doing..?

well.... i'm currently in school right now... actually struggling badly... since my teachers are barely telling me shit

i'm not in a good place right now to deal with ONLINE drama... especially MMDC Drama...

i already went through silverunifuck you're probably glad that bitch is gone but she's back again but in incognito mode i guess.

she blocked my ass oh well all she's gonna do is talk behind peoples backs like always.

as for right now... my education is more important.... 

this MMDC Drama Bullshit it ain't happening right now..

and as for those people hiding behind fake accounts and on that Tumblr hate blog.... be prepared as there's a message coming your way.

I also saw my artwork on there..

I'm not blind....? I may be blind due to my fucking glasses fucking up my vision but that's otherwise.

and people who wear glasses can probably relate... if they've worn them for a long time.

as for claiming I'm an attention whore..?

I only do things like this on the internet because I have the freedom to at least express what i feel about things...

people automatically assume that I am shaming feminism... Understand that I don't shame feminism... I hardly agree with any of the things. I respect feminism.. and you can say that's bullshit all you like... it doesn't matter to me. 

It seems to me that feminism is more about women than men... basically claiming men are wrong and somehow are shaming women by the littlest things they do.
from what I've seen at least.

You're just jumping to conclusions... and claiming i'm a person who hates feminism... regardless if I only agree with only a certain percentage of their community... I understand feminism has been around for years AND with A world-wide community of supporters some people disagree with some parts of feminism that doesn't automatically mean I'm a hater of Feminism. 
And I know it's about equality.. but half of the feminists I've seen around the internet and in real life have mostly been getting angry and upset because of certain things men do... and I can understand things like that.. but doing irrelevant things like what I said 2 journals back had nothing to do with men... Men don't even have cycles and vaginas and ovaries and etc.... unless they're born with a vagina then that's a different story.

So why in the hell are you getting mad because I have a different opinion on feminism?
To be honest I can barely see the equality in feminism anymore... it's just shaming men 24/7 in my eyes nowadays... or maybe i'm just too BLIND as you claim.

I'm more than likely on the side with Egalitarianism....I see feminism as one-sided somehow...? 

If you don't agree with what I say then just don't fucking go off on me and act like we're  having a conversation with as much depth as two 5 year olds arguing over who the BEST ninja turtle is.

Act like you got some damn sense and reply like how you should when you disagree with something because all you're doing is acting like a damn childish brat.

Hiding behind a tumblr blog can't solve your problems forever...

I'm just telling you this now. 

Grow up.

I also noticed there are a few people who made a few confessions on their blog shine-bright-like-an-api-edit saying I got what I deserved....? 

I'm guessing either you're just secret haters or you just don't wanna tell me the truth.

Dragging me down to the dirt is pretty ignorant and immature in my book especially if that person hasn't done anything to you.

the only reason why I acted like an "attention whore" those years back is because I wanted to basically try and fit in.... 

yeah and i thought i did... hell everyone who tried to fit in thought they did as well..

but of course later on they get turned down and everything changes within a snap.

as for judging on my MMD work..?

honey at least I put effort into it.... cut me some slack?

those aren't "critiques" those are clearly just plain ol' unwanted insults. Don't worry I got them when Fox was still on DA.. now I get em from Nuic. 

please do everyone a favor... go hate on someone else... and take all your mental issues somewhere else....just because you got issues doesn't mean you need to take them out on  me.

All of your salt is in the air and you're over-salting my food...There's just too much fucking saltiness.

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I adopted Big Evil Undertaker
Adopt the Big Evil by RipperBlackstaff

[PC] Idera by nauticaul


[ PTCOM ] Idera by aexlyii

Bust Made by aexlyii She said I am allowed to Use for ID Or Icon~

pleaaaaaaase do offer me a picture I LOVE GETTING NEW ART OF ME AND MY OC IDERAHHH~!! :iconzxcvbnmplz:

Idera~ by xMoMoMiu
art by xMoMoMiu thankies~

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Favourite photographer: I DONT KNOW.
Favourite style of art: Pixel
Favourite cartoon character: AllSonicCharachters,Uriu,Vegeta,Carnage

don't thank me for the fav by Th3EmOo

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Idera the Kane Girl by ToruKun1

Idera's OC by SSRiley

Idera and Kane by SSRiley
Small Red Machine by cero2k


Commission for Idera - Kane and Idera by FuriarossaAndMimma

Commission for Idera - Kane and Idera 2 by FuriarossaAndMimma







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